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Exchanging enriched article information is a piece of cake when a datapool can be used, in which manufacturers and wholesalers record article information, technical data and/or trade data in one database, in a standardised manner. Participants in the datapool will always have access tot the latest product data.

Data of the following datapools can, simply and possibly automated, be imported and exported in DataProcessor TJ:



To provide the installation sector with up to date and complete article and product data, one datapool is needed where manufacturers and wholesalers can supply data to and installers and wholesalers can retrieve data from.
2BA is the neutral trade and product data datapool in the installation sector. Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers but also installers can turn to 2BA to exchange information with the central database. >> Read more



GS1 offers central datapools for sharing article data in D-I-Y, garden and pet sector, amongst others.
In GS1 Data Source the supplier records product data of her articles in a standardised manner, so customers have access to this data. GS1 Data Source is the central source for the sector for logistical data, data about hazardous substances (HMC) and product images.

>> Read more 



The Belgian datapool InstallData contains the latest product and trade data of participating manufacturers in the installation sector. The product data is ETIM classified and, where possible, provided with technical characteristics and digital assets.
Daily exchange of data is possible for all parties via InstallData according to standards so participants can always obtain the latest and most complete data. >> Read more