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One standard and one-stop shop for product and trade data.

2BA has collected all technical characteristics and trade data of manufacturers and wholesalers in the installation sector in one data base.
Daily exchange of data with 2BA is possible for all parties so you always have the most current data available.


2BA is the neutral trade and product data datapool in the installation sector. Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers but also installers can turn to 2BA to exchange information with the central database. This exchange is done via uniform files, defined in the sector according to the standard of Ketenstandaard Bouw en Installatie.





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ProPlanet is 2BA-partner 


As a supplier you will want to keep control over your article database and to be able to easily supply your data to the different datapools, portals and web shops.  As software developers we have closely followed developments within Product Information Management (PIM) for over 20 years, so we can develop the best software to make this possible. Our satisfied customers that already use DataProcessor TJ to exchange information via the 2BA-datapool, prove how successful we are.

ProPlanet is 2BA’s software partner. DataProcessor TJ, ProPlanet’s PIM system, has simplified the exchange of article data with the 2BA product database. For instance, with DataProcessor TJ you can:


  Both import and export data

​​​​​​​  Apply filters to make a selection of the article file

​​​​​​​  Import and export in any desired 2BA format

​​​​​​​  Plan automated imports and exports

Get straight to work

DataProcessor TJ is offered as an online service. Because of the user-friendly interfaces, optimum performance and simple installation you can get straight to work. Do you need help with the implementation? Or would you rather outsource the installation? Our very experienced and capable support staff will happily assist you and if required can also set up DataProcessor TJ for you.



more information or get a quotation


Of course we would be pleased to tell you more about exchanging data via 2BA and also about the possibilities DataProcessor TJ has to offer in this context. But better yet, we will let the software prove itself. We can demonstrate DataProcessor TJ to you with your own article data. Call us or send us an e-mail for more information about the possibilities or to get a quotation.


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Other DataProcessor TJ users

ProPlanet has been involved with 2BA to exchange data from the start. Many wholesalers and manufacturers in the installation sector use DataProcessor TJ to provide or retrieve article data via 2BA, among which: