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As we talk to manufacturers, wholesalers, and merchants from the Electrotechnical, HVAC & Plumbing, and Building Materials sectors, there is now more than ever a focus on digital transformation as we move into 2021.

As businesses adopt new ways of working, ProPlanet continues to work alongside eCommerce webshop and ERP providers, using integrator tools/plugins and API’s for seamless product data transfer.

Proplanet invests in relationships and has proven to be a solid and reliable partner, which is why ProPlanet is an affiliate member of EDA (Electrical Distributors Association) in the UK, and the solutions provider for the EDA’s EDATA Platform. This year we will continue to support EDA with ETIM and ETIM MC, onboarding manufacturers to the EDATA pool and developing the EDATA Platform.

We are also pleased to announce that ProPlanet is an integration partner with LUCKINS (Trimble Group), an established data pool in the UK. Manufacturers using DataProcessor TJ can provide dynamic data, including pricing and digital assets directly to LUCKINS Live Platform. 

We know the Trimble Group (LUCKINS) have recently announced that they are incorporating ETIM within the LUCKINS Platinum Data Service and that we have the expertise and knowledge to support manufacturers wanting to onboard with ProPlanet and LUCKINS.

Feel free to contact Wayne Jarvis, PIM Expert & Business Developer at ProPlanet, via wayne.jarvis@proplanet.uk or +44 (0)748 540 3918.

Product Information Management

Managing big data of product information, especially in an online environment is a huge challenge for many organizations. Storage and management of product information is not yet systematically arranged by many organizations.

PIM solutions, sometimes also called Product Master Data Management, provide you the possibility to store all information accurate and up-to-date, resulting in a single version of the truth.


DataProcessor TJ is the core of the Product Information Management system

Is fully equipped to classify articles according to the ETIM classification, including ETIM dynamic classification and ETIM-MC

Supports all national and international standards in the field of article information exchange. Exports in PAB and BMEcat are included in the Standard version

Is suitable for small as well as very large product files and furthermore applicable in all chains of the distribution channel

Is language independent and can be linked directly with several back-office systems

Do you want to know more about DataProcessor TJ?

Or feel free to contact Wayne Jarvis
via wayne.jarvis@proplanet.uk or +44 (0)748 540 3918.

How it works: Import - enrich - publish

Product information originates at the manufacturers. The objective is that all following links in the chain can take over this information and enrich it with their own specific information.

The Product Information Management System of ProPlanet makes this form of chain integration possible. With DataProcessor TJ, the article file is structured, classified and enriched in such a way that it forms the ideal basis for catalogs, online search engines and logistics systems.

plaat import_enrich_publish

The article data, for example from the ERP system, is imported into DataProcessor TJ. Almost all file formats can be imported.

In DataProcessor TJ, the article data is classified according to the ETIM and / or UNSPC classification and enriched with technical and logistical characteristics.

The article data can now be published online (webshop, datafeed, app) and offline (catalog, datasheet). Exports, also to other systems, are possible in almost all file formats.




A flying start 

Very user-friendly interfaces, optimal performance and easy online installation so get started immediately.

Very user-friendly interfaces, optimal performance and easy online installation so get started immediately​​​​​​​

Intuitive operation, similar to the operation of apps and Windows

Use matching routines to link your files directly to article files of suppliers and / or buyers

Standard support for PAB, INSBOU and BMEcat

Supports dynamic ETIM-classification, ETIM MC, UNSPSC and GS1 DIY

One source

Manage, classify and enrich product data in one system: one source for all product data.

Insight to all product information in one place

Always the same up to date information in all your systems and publications

Language-independent so directly available in other language



In the cloud 

DataProcessor TJ is offered as an online service (SaaS: Software as a Service).

You do not pay for the purchase of sotware and server, but for its use

Using the latest version, the software is always up to date

Unlimited storage capacity

Your product data is the cloud and accessible anywhere online

More information

Do you want to know more about Dataprocessor TJ?
Get in touch with Wayne Jarvis via wayne.jarvis@proplanet.uk or +44 (0)748 540 3918.

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